AI4PEP Launches its Advanced Summer School on Responsible AutoML

The Global South Artificial Intelligence for Pandemic and Epidemic Preparedness and Response (AI4PEP) Network has proudly congratulated its Brazil chapter, also known as (AutoAI-Pandemics) on successfully hosting a summer school about Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) in collaboration with the University of São Paulo and University of Porto. The summer school attracted 44 stakeholders and students from interdisciplinary backgrounds. Prof. Andre Carlos Ponce Ferreira de Carvalho has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the team of experts who gracefully joined hands with his team and executed his endeavour to impart knowledge to the younger generation, between them Dr. Carlos Soares, Dr. Moisés Santos, Dr. Robson Bonidia, Dr. Diego Furtado Silva, Dr. Ricardo Cerri, Dr. Ana Carolina Lorena.

The summer school was truly of a special kind because it offered a hands-on learning experience from seasoned experts in the field, covering a range of topics such as meta-learning, algorithms, optimization, and meta-learning among others. The instructors also took the students through social and ethical concerns about the use of Artificial Intelligence, such as privacy, data governance, bias, and transparency. This exposed the students to a variety of ways in which AI could be mobilized for social good and development.

The AI4PEP Executive Director, Prof. Jude Kong has commended the work of the AI4PEP -Brazil chapter. In his own words, he enthusiastically said, “We’re super proud of the hard work, innovation, and passion that has been unlocked by our project in Brazil. They’re truly one of the best in the cohort.” He also affirmed the capacity building efforts to train and educate the youth about mobilizing artificial intelligence to advance equitable health in the global South. He added, “we are particularly proud of the way young Brazilians have embraced our capacity building programs with enthusiasm. It is a bonus that the leaders of the Brazil Chapter Professor (s) Andre Carlos Ponce Ferreira de Carvahlo and Robson Bonidia are both fantastic and able to channel the youth energy and provide opportunities for growth.”

Prof. Kong has also expressed his gratitude to the International Development Research Center (IDRC) for their unwavering support. He stated that the seed they have planted through their funding supported has unequivocally multiplied and unleashed a new crop of Global South leaders in the field of Pandemic and Epidemic Preparedness and Response. He concluded by saying that they were truly grateful for the pioneering spirit from Brazilian, and they were excited to unleash more globally focused projects on youth leadership & mentorship in science and innovation.

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