Hub: Jimma University, Ethiopia

Title: Polio antenna: Responsible AI for improving polio pandemic surveillance sensitivity

Team Members

Gelan Ayana

Koleb Dese
Team Member

Efrem Wakjira
Team Member

Hundessa Daba
Team Member

Hamdia Murad
Team Member

Ketema Lemma
Team Member

Dessalegn Yohanness
Team Member

Bontu Habtamu
Team Member

Gashaw Demlew
Team Member

Elbetel Taye
Team Member

Mikias Alayu
Team Member

Mesfin Tefera
Team Member

General Objectives

To improve polio surveillance sensitivity through responsible AI in a decolonized approach using local capacity and local data focusing on empowering underserved groups.

Specific Objectives

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) to collect acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) data at medical institutions in real time and recommend possible interventions while reporting findings to stakeholders.

2. Develop an AFP surveillance tool to improve the quality of polio surveillance and supervision

3. Speed up polio detection, thereby avoiding the need for frequent visits by public health officers to health institutions.

4. To promote gender mainstreaming and advance equality by presenting sex-segregated data analysis .

5. To develop a responsible AI polio surveillance tool that enables community participation and promotes ownership.

6. To create a surveillance method that addresses issues of inaccessibility in neglected, remote, and challenging communities and geographies.

7. Enabling tangible knowledge transfer and creation in a decolonized approach and targeting underserved bodies.