Hub: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru

Title: Household screening for contagious and transmissible respiratory infections using artificial intelligence-based cough monitor.

Team Members

Cesar Ugarte-Gil

Gabriel Carrasco
Team Member

Patricia Espinoza Lopez
Team Member

Edith Bastidas
Team Member

Simon Grandjean Lapierre
Team Member

Madhukar Pai
Team Member

Alexandra Zimmer
Team Member

General Objectives

To evaluate the use of an AI-based cough tool for respiratory infectious disease screening and monitoring to improve prevention and preparedness for outbreaks in the Peruvian health system.

Specific Objectives

1. Expand and enrich a previously developed database of solicited (forced) cough sounds to continue training pilot AI algorithms for the classification of multiple respiratory infectious diseases in patients with respiratory symptoms.

3. Assess the role of longitudinal cough monitoring among a) index patients and b) among household contacts of index patients.

3. Explore the initial steps for the implementation of AI-based tools to strengthen access and equity in the Peruvian health system.