Our podcast series explores how AI promotes One-Health in the global south

In this episode, the Executive Director of AI4PEP, Dr. Jude Kong provides an overview of the AI4PEP_Global South “Harnessing the Power of AI in One Health” Podcast Show. The show promises to be a vibrant space that explores lessons learned, challenges, and emerging opportunities in the mobilization of Artificial Intelligence as a catalyst towards quality health and well being in the Global South. Our Guest Jude Kong expands on this.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the limitations of global pandemic monitoring systems, leading to varied responses worldwide. This episode features Antoine Saab, PhD, discussing his project “Strengthening Lebanon’s pandemic surveillance system through AI-driven automation of laboratory data,” funded by the Canadian AI4PEP program. The discussion focuses on AI’s role in healthcare, pandemic monitoring, and enhancing healthcare quality. Don’t miss it!

Catch this exciting episode where our host, Liswa Luhlanga discusses what Decolonizing Health may look like from a Human Rights & an Africanist perspective.