Our general objective is to strengthen equitable and responsive public health systems that leverage Southern-led responsible AI solutions to improve prevention, preparedness, and response to emerging and re-emerging infectious disease outbreaks.

Specific objectives are to:
1. Deepen the understanding of how to use responsible AI solutions to improve public health preparedness and response to emerging and re-emerging infectious disease outbreaks.
2. Establish and support a multi-regional network across the Global South to address gaps in knowledge, capacities, and solutions.
3. Inform national, regional, and global policies and practices on the use of AI to improve health equity and strengthen public health systems.

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Revolutionizing Community Health: AI-Powered Early Detection of Zoonotic Diseases. The Senegal Project

In an ever-changing world shaped by climate change and evolving health threats, proactive measures in healthcare are more critical than [...]

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Launching the Polio Antenna Project: Ethiopia’s Pioneering Effort in the Fight Against Diseases

The Jimma Institute of Technology at Jimma University, Ethiopia, witnessed a historic moment on September 25, 2023, with the launch [...]

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Why we take a Decolonial Lens Towards the Realization of SDG 3 and 5

AI4PEP Network The AI4PEP Network is a multi-regional research Network under the auspices of York University with an avid commitment [...]

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AI4PEP is funded by the IDRC and its main Secretariat is based at York University, Canada.
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