Hub: Universidade de São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil

Title: Auto AI-Pandemics: Democratizing Machine Learning for Analysis, Study, and Control of Epidemics and Pandemics

Team Members

André de Carvalho

Claudio Struchiner
Team Member

Robson Bonidia
Team Member

Guilherme Goedert
Team Member

Ulisses da Rocha
Team Member

Troy Day
Team Member

Peter Stadler
Team Member

Danilo Sanches
Team Member

Maria Emilia Walter
Team Member

John Edmunds
Team Member

Marcia Castro
Team Member

General Objectives

Our main objective is to develop an integrated and user-friendly platform, called AutoAI-Pandemics, democratizing access to data science and machine learning techniques by allowing non-experts to use them well, e.g., biologists, physicians, and epidemiologists. AutoAI-Pandemics seeks to provide the following solutions:

(T1) Automated epidemiologic analysis to detect possible epidemic scenarios and corresponding optimal intervention policies;

(T2) Automated bioinformatics analysis, e.g., drug discovery or pathogen genome mining;

(T3) Fighting misinformation/disinformation to assist in the search for reliable sources.

Specific Objectives

1 - Assist non-specialist researchers in using ML for analysis, study, and control of epidemics and pandemics;

2. Assist in challenging problems such as drug resistance, treatment of infectious diseases, epidemiologic analysis, bioinformatics analysis, and combat misinformation;

3. To develop public APIs/packages for the scientific community in each proposed topic;

4. To develop a user-friendly platform that can be effectively applied by non-experts working with infectious diseases;

5. To publish results through articles (conference and journal);

6. To train specialist doctoral students in the area of artificial intelligence with preparation and response in health.